ready to go


We are just finalising the timetable for workshops to create a new signature cloth (a cloth made up predominantly of sewn signatures) representing Rochdale borough today. Getting together all the visuals  from a flyer to press release and pull down banner all takes time. Working with Alison from Touchstones and Alison Slater with her amazing research skills is so good, it is great to share skills and knowledge. Hopefully in the next week I shall be able to get on with the work with all the groups.

Lessons learnt from the recent Remembering Emily signature project will be put to good use in the methodology for Rochdale, especially ways of getting people involved and the timeframe for return of sewing.

I still have not decided on the format of the cloth, I keep thinking around the historic one in the collection, but that is very much of its time. The QR code has been in my mind butI think that composition/layout would be too domineering? I am sure it will come to me.

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