This week saw me in Heywood, somewhere I have never been before, I spotted this lovely floral display outside the church – reminds me it is well dressing season in Derbyshire. My first session was in the library, yet again seeing how these spaces are used by local people makes me appreciate their worth.


I was joined my a few people, Mai stayed the whole session and we chatted about her background and family. Been born in Malaysia her signature is the first in the project made up of Chinese characters.


I also spoke to a group of young adults with learning disabilities and their carers who were sitting outside and acquired a few more signatures. Kielly, a student was doing some work on the computer and also joined us to sew, as did several library staff. Between sessions I wandered down the high street in search of more pillowcases. None to be found, but it is fascinating exploring new places and recording visual information.


The other session was a little bizarre, I went to the Phoenix Centre, a council run provision. It was fairly quiet but a town planning meeting was on a spoke to a few councillors and amazingly found there is a tablecloth in Rochdale signed by each mayor. I will find out more. There was also a sexual health clinic so felt  a little uncomfortable about approaching people. I only realised the next day I had gone to the wrong venue, I was meant to be at the Sports Village and the Phoenix was later in July. Oh well, an interesting experience. Whilst I was there Alison Slater texted with more details on the historic autograph quilt, so we agreed to meet up to discuss her findings.

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