Middleton Library

My afternoon was spent in Middleton, the area feels very village like. The Old Boars Head opposite the library dates back to the 1600’s and the church is perched on a hill behind. The wooden tower on the church is unusual, almost like a tree house, I will have to find out about its origins.


Again Lee Rigby’s memory is all around, the book of condolences was open on the table downstairs. It was nice to talk to people about the project and hear their stories. Sewing the names myself, reminds me of the signature quilt in the Rochdale archives and how we suspect it was all worked by a few hands – you can tell from the style of stitching.


A descendent of Samuel Bamford signed his name and then provided me with lots of books on this famous son of Middleton who was key to the events at Peterloo. I wish I had gone to see the Masque of Anarchy at the MIF and then I would have been better informed. Maybe a trip to the Working Class Movement Museum would be good. I ventured up the hill after the session and found his monument, a moving experience.


A signature from a young man studying in the library confirmed that a few of the signatures I have collected from younger people are more like monograms/tags.


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1 Response to Middleton Library

  1. Andy says:

    There is a saying concerning middleton and the steeple:
    Wooden steeple, stubborn people. Not sure from how far back that is.

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