Sew your own

Trying out a few ideas now that I have a substantial number of signatures to play with. Always a nice challenge, exploring different compositions and permutations. The vast range of  signature cloths I have researched in museums come to mind and all the possible configurations. Debating at the moment between lists and circles, both used in the composition of early signature cloth. The circle reflects the round robin in petitions where circular formats were used so no one signing was singled out as the ring leader.


The last few open sessions are coming up – Sat 27th July at Touchstones 12-4pm and Tues 3oth July 1.30-3.30pm and Sat 3rd Aug 2-4pm at Ebor Studios Littleborough. I am hoping to get to the Rochdale canal festival as well.


If you can’t make a session, here is a “how to” create your own sewn signature – you must live in the borough of Rochdale to take part. Fabric and thread is provided by Touchstones – please collect from their reception desk anytime until the end of August. You can use your own material and thread as long as its 100% plain (bed) cotton and colour fast.

1. The dimensions of the sewn signature need to fit within a standard postcard size, (6 x 4” or 15 x 10 cms) leave room for a border so we can sew them all together

2. Ideally it should reflect  your signature, it does not have to be readable – we are collecting names of everyone involved to display alongside the quilt.

3. Draw your name with the water dissolvable pen (if this is not available to you in pencil so it can be erased)

4. Stitch your signature in embroidery thread, anything you like as long as its colour fast. A back stitch, stem stitch or chain are ideal so the line and form of the signature is retained.

5. Hand it or post to Touchstones by the 3rd Sept 2013 with your full name and place of birth

6. Come and see the finished cloth from 14th Dec in Touchstones Gallery.

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